Want to send any compliments, hate mail, fan art, suggestions, birthday presents? I'm all ears, so gimme an email if there's anything on your mind. If not, hey, my personal information's on this page for those nosey types out there to file through.

Name: Jon Jennings
Birthdate: 07/03/1984
Residence:The little town of Goose Creek, SC, which has absolutely nothing to do in it. This is probably what got me to start drawing in the first place.
Pasttimes:Many many video games, and more obviously, art.
When did you start drawing?:Most people always give the response "As long as I can remember," when asked this question, but I actually started to seriously take it up in the latter part of my sixth grade year. I had drawn various things before that, of course, but I didn't focus on it until then.
Why Animals?:I've always liked anthropomorphic cartoon characters... most of the great cartoons were animals anyway (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko... feel free to fill in the rest). Plus, there's a lot of extra features on animals that can be used to convey emotions more solidly than any cartoon human could. Or more simply put, "Why not?"

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